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What is #SparkRecovery & How will it help?

#SparkRecovery is an effort to spark economic recovery by supporting local businesses and bringing joy to the community through original art.  We are commissioning local artists to paint original works of art for the community to enjoy on the windows of local businesses throughout the town. We are also unifying those businesses with an attention-getting "We're Open" decal that affixes to the painted window when a business is ready to re-open. We will then post on our #SparkRecovery social media sites that the business is officially celebrating its grand re-opening for all to celebrate!  

The goal is to get as many local businesses painted so we can attract some significant media attention (whether you are ready to re-open or not). We are envisioning both local and out of towners going on "Art Walks" to see the original works of art and patronize our local businesses. The artists win, the businesses win, and we bring some beauty and joy to the community.  #SparkRecovery is local businesses supporting other local businesses. Please join us! Become a spark in our community and help us bring hope and joy to those financially affected by the pandemic.  

Who's behind #sparkrecovery? 

Locally owned and operated business owner, Kelli Griggs, and her entire rockstar team of agents at Navigate Realty.  

Why #SparkRecovery? 

On a recent weekly zoom conference call with her company, Kelli referenced the book she was reading called "Spark" by Lynch & Smith. "A spark is a moment when you realize that you have the ability to be a part of the solution you seek. You don't have to wait around for someone to create opportunities for you. You can create them for yourself" She then challenged the team to help come up with a solution. How do we unite the community? How to we employ local artists/entertainers who have been hit the hardest? How do we highlight and drive traffic to local businesses as they re-open? How do we bring hope and joy to our community as we move out of the COVID-19 pandemic?  

I'm not a business owner - how can I support the cause? 

Many local business owners have gone months without revenue - we could use some benefactors to sponsor the painting of windows in town. Click Here to sponsor an artist to paint for a local business. 

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