"Spark" economic recovery, support local business and bring Joy to the community through original art

What we DO

Engage Local Artists

We have vetted local Artists to paint your storefront window with original art. The cost is generally $200 to $400 per window and is set by the individual artist (feel free to find your own artist:). We would love for everyone to participate so if you are unable to afford the artists fee please apply to be sponsored by a local donor.

Register Your Business

Register that your business is participating in the drive-thru Art Walk. Then, when your business is open, let us know and we will send you the "WE'RE OPEN" #sparkrecovery 16 inch diameter neon decal that you can place on the outside of your window. We will list your company and your window art in our social media feeds and celebrate with you when you are officially "re-open" for business. You can even ask to be interviewed on camera by one of our local agents. 

Sponsor A Local Business

Some struggling businesses would love to get the attention #sparkrecovery offers but don't have the spare funds to hire an artist. For about $300 you support both a local business and a local artist all while beautifying the community. Just pledge your support today and we will present you with the opportunity to give when it arises.

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